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Treeline Terrains

Moon Map

Moon Map

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Topographic map is 4x5", perfectly sized for gift giving and home decor. Your carving uniquely captures the place where memories were made.

Each map combines modern technology with one of the world’s oldest traditions–carving with wood. We use locally-sourced cherry, maple, and walnut to enhance a sense of place, connecting you with the landscapes you love and bringing a piece of nature into your home.

Made in Vermont, USA

Materials include wood purchased locally from A. Johnson Company, a family-owned sawmill committed to sustainable timberland management. All maps are coated with linseed oil to protect the wood. Blue epoxy resin used to depict water.

Due to the handmade nature of Treeline Terrains products, each is unique and may vary slightly.

Inspired by their shared love of Vermont skiing, Treeline Terrains founders Jacob, Nathaniel, and Alex were looking for a creative way to capture their experience skiing at the Middlebury Snow Bowl. Using satellite mapping technology, they brought their idea to the woodshop to create a perfectly accurate 3D model of the mountain. The carving detailed each slope, trail, and descent where the friends had shared many winter days. Today, Treeline Terrains captures the topography of the places you love in wood-carved models.
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