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3D Wooden Maps, Handmade in Vermont

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Whether you're looking to celebrate a hiking trip, decorate a lake-house, or impress an outdoor enthusiast, our custom topographic maps will capture the essence of your cherished locations with stunning detail. Start mapping your story with our new customization tool!

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Fast, Simple, Easy

Search or select an area, choose your preferred dimensions, and watch your map come to life. Once you submit your map, our team of artisans will review your map and ensure every mountain, lake, and feature is carved with stunning detail and accuracy. Our maps are hand-sanded and finished with linseed oil to last a lifetime.

Start making your map!

Make It Your Own

Keep it classy with a handcrafted walnut frame, or add a pop of color by selecting the lakes, ponds, and oceans you love. Mark your favorite place with a star or heart, or add a special message with a custom engraving.

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