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Maps for Everyone

We believe the best way to connect with a landscape is to be there, but if you cannot experience a place in-person, there are still ways to get a feel for the land. Our 3D wood maps are highly accurate and are meant to be touched, so you can literally get a feel for the land as you touch the natural wood carving. We work with nonprofit partners to design public-facing dioramas to connect adventures from all backgrounds with the land. From tactile learners to the visually impaired, we hope to inspire a new conversation of what mapmaking and connection to place mean. Read on to learn how Treeline Terrains supports people of all backgrounds to explore and connect with their favorite landscapes.

Visually-Impaired Athletes

Vermont Adaptive empowers people of all abilities through inclusive sports and recreational programming. We partner with Vermont Adaptive to design 3D dioramas of ski areas such as Sugarbush to help visually-impaired athletes prepare for a day on the slopes.

Homeless Shelter Fundraising

In 2021, we partnered with the Charter House Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing food, housing and transitional services to the unhoused in and around Middlebury, Vermont. We donated a carving of Lake Champlain to a raffle including three fellow Vermont artists, together raising over $3,300 for the homeless shelter!

Land Trust Partnership

The Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT) works with our community to conserve natural and productive landscapes, and to enhance scenic, recreation, and educational opportunities. In 2021, we donated a 2’ x 1.5’ diorama of the Trail Around Middlebury (TAM) to MALT, mapping the trail network built and maintained by MALT. The carving is used during educational programs and summer camps.

Empowering Young Female Athletes

The Stride Foundation provides mentorship, gear, and learning opportunities for young female athletes in Vermont to help girls become leaders through sports. At the 2019 winter fundraiser, we donated two Snow Bowl carvings to the raffle and silent auction.

Middlebury College Lesson Fund

Carving 3D wood maps began with a scholarship–as ski and snowboard instructors at the Middlebury Snow Bowl, we established a fund for students to learn to ski for free. The Lesson Fund covers the cost of lessons, equipment, and lift passes for hundreds of students on financial aid who would have otherwise not been able to afford skiing and snowboarding.

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Our Story

No photos, no aerial video–nothing brings us back to our favorite landscape like being there in person. To capture nature’s beauty, we began carving wood into highly-accurate mountains and lakes, to decorate our walls with bird’s-eye views that were meant to be touched.