Lake George


Return to the memorable shores of this blue landscape for a well-deserved trip down memory lane. The familiar topography brings you back to this beautiful place. 3D wood map is hand-finished and carved using highly accurate topographic map data. Easily hung on the wall, with perfect sizing for any room. This is the ideal gift for connecting them with the landscape they love.

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    Accentuate your carving with a beautifully crafted, handmade wooden frame built specially for your order

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    Brilliant blue epoxy compliments the natural wood to depict major water features such as famous lakes and rivers

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  • Easy to get a feel for the land with this hands-on, interactive art
  • Solid-wood maple and cherry hardwoods locally and sustainably harvested per Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards
  • Walnut solid-wood frame and map region name available
  • Meant to touch – hand-finished with protective linseed treatment
  • Easy installation on wall hook or nail
  • 100% Made in Vermont
  • Customization available (label, size, water features, trails, buildings, roads, etc.)