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Treeline Terrains announces two-tiered expansion for the Vermont start-up

MIDDLEBURY, VT (February 25, 2022) – Alex Gemme, co-founder of Treeline Terrains, today announced the hiring of a paid social media and marketing intern, as well as the addition of another state-of-the-art CNC router and a laser engraver, to expand the 3D wood-carved landscapes company. The more than 200% machinery increase will allow the team to carve more products, and to create them faster. After selling out over the holiday season earlier this winter, Treeline Terrains is confident the new increases will allow the business to keep up with demand.

The marketing intern, a college student from Middlebury College, will increase the company’s social media presence as well as connect Treeline Terrains with local retailers. These changes are the most significant upgrades within the company since the founding trio registered the LLC in spring of 2021.

​“These changes will build business on all fronts,” explains Gemme. “With production doubled and a new team member focusing her energy on sales and branding, we can increase both production and demand.” Gemme continued, “Scaling up our business is a constant balance, especially since Treeline Terrains is funded exclusively on business profits. Since we don’t depend on investors, expansion is a delicate dance, and we had to be sure Treeline Terrains was ready for this jump forward.”

Gemme adds that the laser engraver will allow the company to reinvent the labeling of carvings, moving the name of the landscape from the underside of the carving to the side, where it will be immediately visible. This improvement is a direct result of customer feedback.

How else does this expansion help?

The extra machinery will allow the team to design and prototype new products, such as coffee tables, decorative bowls, bookends, and cribbage boards. With one CNC router always dedicated to production, a second machine gives Treeline Terrains the space to try new ideas and optimize the workflow of existing products.

Another product being developed on the second CNC router is an affordable landscape carving the size of mantle piece and desktop carvings. This will be a less expensive option than most of the larger custom orders.

The social media and marketing intern will be responsible for regular social media posting as well as engaging with followers, which were both previously done by woodworker Nathaniel Klein. Klein will now focus exclusively on the woodshop, laminating hardwoods, carving landscapes, and framing finished products.

These are just a few of the many examples of how Treeline Terrains is expanding as a business to better serve its clientele.

To learn more or to order a Treeline Terrains carving, visit to find standard landscapes such as popular skiing mountains, hikes, and National Parks. Custom landscapes of anywhere in the world (or the moon!) are also available.

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Treeline Terrains designs highly accurate wood carvings of the mountains, lakes, and terrains you love. Whether recalling your deepest powder day or missing your favorite landscape, Treeline Terrains will connect you to the places you love. To develop the perfect carving for each customer, Treeline Terrains uses locally and sustainably sourced hardwoods from A. Johnson in Bristol, VT to create mantle pieces, wall hangings, cribbage boards, and more. All products are 100% made in Vermont, using a combination of computer-aided machinery and hand finishing, all crafted in Middlebury, VT and shipped to anywhere in the US.

Treeline Terrains was founded by ski and snowboard instructors at Middlebury College’s Snow Bowl, where Alex Gemme ‘21 and Jacob Freedman ‘21 created a scholarship fund for college students on financial aid to learn to ski, for free. To thank their supervisors for helping to establish the scholarship, Gemme and Freedman gifted their supervisors a wood-carving of the mountain they love. Since that initial carving, Treeline Terrains has expanded from gifts to a popular business, currently run by co-founders Gemme, Freedman, and woodworker Nathaniel Klein ‘21. The company works to build strong customer relationships while marrying art and technology to create a unique product.

Accessibility to outdoor recreation is essential to Treeline Terrains. The company currently partners with Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports to develop 3D models of ski areas for visually impaired athletes. Treeline Terrains also collaborates with the Middlebury Area Land Trust, the Sheldon Museum, and the Charter House Coalition to bring local landscapes to life for everyone in the community. A portion of all proceeds advances these initiatives.

To learn more about Treeline Terrains, visit to discover popular landscapes such as ski mountains, hikes, and National Parks. Custom landscapes of anywhere in the world (or the moon!) are also available in a variety of locally and sustainably sourced hardwoods. Follow Treeline Terrains on various social media channels and sign up for the email list to receive the latest updates on products and community involvement.