Our Story




Pioneers of art

No photos, no aerial video–nothing brings us back to our favorite landscape like being there in person. To capture nature’s beauty, we began carving wood into highly-accurate mountains and lakes, to decorate our walls with bird’s-eye views that were meant to be touched. Suddenly, we could feel the land from the comfort of our home, and between the natural wood and the familiar mountains, it felt like we were in nature again.

Skiers at heart

Carving 3D wood maps began with a scholarship–as ski and snowboard instructors at the Middlebury Snow Bowl, we established a fund for students to learn to ski for free. To thank our supervisors for helping, we gifted them a mountain carving. Many gifts later, our work has developed into a business that connects customers across the nation with landscapes they love.

Innovators from the start

Originally, we just mapped mountains. But popular demand wanted ski trails, rivers, buildings, and more, so we adapted our proprietary mapping technology to meet the requests of our customers. We’re also exploring industries beyond home decor, such as awards, charcuterie boards, coffee serving trays and more–always while incorporating highly-accurate maps and detail-oriented woodworking.

Our Team

Jacob Freedman (he/him)

Mapmaking / Co-founder

Jacob loves hiking, skiing, and paddling through new ecosystems and learning what makes every place special. He leads our mapmaking and product development, helping customers design their perfect landscape. Jacob’s favorite aspect of work is helping non-profit partners create large, public-facing dioramas to engage all audiences.

Nathaniel Klein (he/him)

Production / Co-founder

Nathaniel loves skiing year-round, on both snow and water. He spends most days in the woodshop, processing lumber, operating CNC routers, and working on custom projects. Nathaniel enjoys making friends at the lumber yard and always sets aside ample time to chat while purchasing wood.

Alex Gemme (he/him)

Marketing / Co-founder

Alex enjoys adventures in any landscape–from hiking to canoeing to climbing to river floats. He loves hearing stories of customers’ connection to each place, and spends his day-to-day overseeing operations and working on marketing projects.

Peter Carlson Coding Optimization Treeline Terrains 750x750

Peter Carlson (he/him)

Coding / Optimization

Peter enjoys skiing in the winter and mountain biking the rest of the year. He loves working on custom projects and spends most of his time creating machine code for the CNC routers with custom software.

Susanna Schatz (she/her)

Social Media

Susanna loves skiing, swimming in the ocean, and hiking with her dogs. She enjoys design and curating visuals of beloved outdoor scapes. Susanna’s friends make fun of her for scrolling through Instagram for work but her posts reach millions of accounts.