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What your watch says about you

Whether you’re a skiing fanatic or a lakeside lounger, your watch is probably a daily staple. Here’s what your watch says about you.

Apple Watch

You love your Apple ecosystem, and you probably have one or two too many chargers at your desk. You enjoy a wide range of activities and are sure to record each one on your watch, be it a run, tennis, or meditation. You like to try new things, too. Good thing Apple Watches have almost every activity available for you to track!


We see you, runner! And we commend you. However, there are a couple of sub-categories to Garmin watch wearers. Those of you with the OG watch (think Forerunner 15): you don’t care about all the specific stats of your runs, you care most about getting out and pounding the pavement, or dirt. You just want something to tell you how many miles you covered. You live to be outside, and we can’t blame you because same.

Those of you with a newer Garmin Forerunner: you love the stats. Nothing gets you more excited than your runs automatically syncing to Strava. There is also a 99.99% chance that you are rocking a watch tan that you have curated over multiple years.


You are either a very cool member of Gen Z (maybe too cool…) and you wear it to let other Gen Zers know how intensely stylish you are, or you genuinely appreciate the simplicity of it. Watches are supposed to just be for telling the time, right? Or, maybe you wear it to look nice, which it does, in which case you have succeeded.


You love counting your steps and over quarantine you were walking upwards of 20,000 daily. You likely follow health and fitness influencers on Instagram and have a very cute dog that you bring with you on all your adventures.


You love new technology, and you love to look sleek. You also probably appreciate when someone asks you what that thing around your wrist is and you get to explain its awesomeness to them. It is also likely that you play a sport that involves some kind of racquet or paddle.